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Not Everyday is a Work Day in the Finger Lakes

If you ever want to get acquainted with Finger Lakes living, take a drive on route 96A starting at Geneva and ending at Owego, NY. Along the way you will see some of our most beautiful Finger Lakes farmland with glimpses of Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lakes.  Small towns on the way are Ovid, Interlaken, Trumansburg, Ithaca, Danby, Candor, and Owego with Ithaca in the middle at the southern end of Cayuga Lake. To me, this is the heartland of the Finger Lakes region.

I never tire of looking at the farmland on the way and I stopped several times just long enough to take a few pictures. The work in the fields is moving along at full speed and I saw the farmers cutting and chopping grass for haylage. There are several Amish farms located along Route 96A in the area of the old Seneca Army Depot near Romulus. It was obvious that they weren’t working that day as there were a large number of buggies parked in the field and by the house. I do not know what prompted the gathering, but they had come for the day. Perhaps they were having their district conference meeting, or perhaps a wedding. I do not know.

But on this Wednesday, these people had gathered in their Sunday best and were not working. It looked to me like they were having a great time, praising and celebrating their good fortune to be living in the Finger Lakes!

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  1. I hate to tell you, but they were actually attending the funeral of the 10 year old Amish boy that had drowned in PA the Saturday before. This was his home.

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