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How Did You Do That?

Several weeks ago I was showing a good friend one of my new posts on (click here). If you click on the title of the post, you are taken to a different page which shows the entire post and the pictures in a 500 X 325 format. My friend had never viewed my posts that way but that’s how I intend for you to view them! Just click on “home” if you want to go back to my home page. You can also read the introduction to the post first on the home page and then click on “read more” which will take you to the entire posted article.

I love taking pictures all around the Finger Lakes and that’s how each one of my blogs begins as a picture taking session. I then transfer the pictures to my computer and select those pictures which I want to show to my readers. The next step is to write a small story regarding the pictures. I do believe in the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Once you are on the main page of one of my blogs, left click on the picture and it will become smaller; left click again on the picture and it will fill three-quarters of the screen; left click a third time and it will fill the entire screen! Now you are seeing exactly what I saw when I took that picture and you will be standing next to me! Click the “go back one page” button on your browser twice to go back to read the rest of the blog. I take great pride in showing you pictures from all around the Finger Lakes region of New York State and I want you to enjoy the scenery as much as I do!

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