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What a Difference a Day Makes

The sun returned on Saturday and it was the perfect day to go shopping at my favorite farm market on route 14A near Penn Yan. Tomion’s Farm Market (click here) has been at this location for as long as I have lived here in Canandaigua. They have the best vegetables, fruits, and flowers, as they raise most of their own produce in the fields near the market.

I came to buy some seed potatoes for my garden and a bag of red potatoes for our dinner table. You can buy 10 lb. bags, 20 lb. bags, or 50 lb. bags of potatoes depending upon your needs. Ten lbs for $4 and you just can’t go wrong. I buy the 50 lb. bags when our church has a dinner. It’s a much better buy than at your local super market.

But I almost didn’t make it inside the market as their beautiful flowers were smiling at me and I just had to stop by and say hello. I bought eight early girl tomato plants for my garden and looked at all of the geranium plants – geraniums were my mother’s favorite flower and I shall return when I have a little more them to plant them.

But one flower caught my eye as they are new. They are called Senetti. One was magenta in color and the other one was a deep purple with white peddles around a dark center. They sort of reminded me of daisies and I brought two pots home with me. I guess that I am a sucker for a pretty face

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