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A Foggy Evening in Canandaigua Town

The sun was just beginning to set behind the Bathhouse at Kershaw Park in Canandaigua. Everyone in the Finger Lakes is feeling down due to the endless days of rain, drizzle, and fog. The farmers can’t work their fields and do the spring planting; homeowners can’t keep up with their rapidly growing lawns; most gardeners are waiting on a few days of sun to plant their gardens and purchase some flowers for around their homes.

As I walked in Kershaw Park and on City Pier, I thought of the old Gershwin song, “A Foggy Day.” The lyrics go:

“A foggy day in London Town,

Had me low, had me down.”

The sea gulls were all settled in for the night along City Pier, standing on their favorite rock to rest and discuss the events of the day. At the end of City Pier, a lone sailboat stood anchored in Canandaigua Lake, waiting on brighter, better days.

“How long, I wonder, could this thing last?

But the age of miracles hadn’t past,

For suddenly I saw you there

And through foggy London town,

the sun was shining everywhere.”

The sun broke through the clouds as it sank below battery hill and added some promising warmth to the cool night air.

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    1. I write my blog twice a week. The subjects of my post vary by season, by what’s on my mind, by the weather in the Finger Lakes, and by what I think that you my readers might enjoy reading.

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