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A Fun Weekend in the Finger Lakes

Canandaigua Lake at -4 Degrees!

The weather is a very crisp and cool -4 degrees this morning in the Finger Lakes. The sun is shinning and there is a heavy water vapor cloud hanging over Canandaigua Lake as the very frigid air temperatures contact the warm 32 degree temperature of the lake water. The ice is now creeping further and further out into the lake and you can hardly see over to the other side.

Boud Samples His Finger Lakes Wine

It was a cold weekend in the Finger Lakes but for those folks brave enough to venture outside and stop by the Wilhelmus Estate Winery (click here) in Canandaigua for January’s event of wine tasting and book signing, there were a lot of laughs, some delicious homemade vegetable beef soup to sample along with Wilhelmus Estate Winery’s fine red wines.

Author James Bupp

While I was busy signing books and remembering what it was like to butcher your own hogs for the family’s meat in January on the Bupp Family farm (see p.10 of the “The Last of the Family Farms”), Boud and Karen were busy sampling Boud’s delicious homemade Finger Lakes Wines. It was a fun way to spend a Finger Lakes weekend with old friends, some new friends, a little wine, and some hot soup!

Karen Keunen Waits on a Customer

James R. Bupp

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