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Living in a Dream Finger Lakes Winter

Deep Run Inlet, Canandaigua Lake

To some of my readers, the sight of ice and snow creates a panic attack as these folks flee from the Finger Lakes to warmer temperatures during the winter. To others like my cousin Lee and his wife Mayetta from Texas, they took a January cruise to Antarctica just to see the ice and snow and the penguins! And to my brother Sylvan and his wife Nancy who live in Modesto, CA, they have to hike into the nearby Sierras to escape the dessert heat! To my cousins Sue Ann and Bonnie who moved to Florida a long time ago, the very thought of ice and snow causes goose bumps to form on their tender skin.

Canandian Geese Enjoying Deep Run Park

Maybe I should teach a course on surviving winter in the Finger Lakes. No secrets here with over 200 wineries in the Finger Lakes to visit, a nice gas fireplace that lights with the flick of the switch, and a Jacuzzi tub! And if you happen to get bored with the four walls of your house, there are all kinds of the outdoor sports like skiing, snowmobiling, or just plain walking (which is a very in thing to do). My course would also include a few practical tips on how to start a snow blower in zero weather (you plug in the electric cord and hit the start button), buying the latest fashion ski goggles to keep your eye balls from freezing when the cold wind and snow begin to blow, and keeping your AAA membership up to date in case your car or truck doesn’t want to start.

But for the most part, we still think that living here in the Finger Lakes is a walk in the park – even during the winter time!

James R. Bupp

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