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Merry Christmas from the Finger Lakes

The Boathouses in Canandaigua

It’s time to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. We plan on being with my son and his family in Pittsford, NY Christmas Eve. Each day we reflect on our good fortune to have chosen the Finger Lakes as our retirement spot.

Canandian Geese Near Kershaw Park

The Canadian geese and the ducks know that the Finger Lakes are a good place to live and they like to hang out here on their yearly migratory journey. Why move on when everything that they need is here in the Finger Lakes? The geese had gathered in huge numbers along the north side of Canandaigua Lake near Kershaw Park last Sunday. Usually in the morning they leave rather early to go graze in one of the many nearby corn fields or soy bean fields which have just been harvested. But on this rather cloudy and overcast morning, they were just hanging out, calling to each other and in no hurry to take to the air and pick up some Sunday brunch.

Canandian Geese on Canandaigua Lake

I guess we humans could also think about our lives as a migratory journey. We never really know what will happen to us from day to day, or where our journey might take us. But as Christians, we gather together once a year to celebrate the birth of the Babe who came to show us the way on our earthly journey. Jeanette and I hope that your journey this year has been very very successful. Merry Christmas!

James R. Bupp

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