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Our Finger Lakes Winters Are Just a Walk in the Park!

The Gazebo in Kershaw Park, Canandaigua

A Facebook friend of mine who lives in Ohio doesn’t like bitter cold weather. She tells me that she once lived in Grand Rapids, ND and winters there were no fun at all! Our Finger Lakes winters as of late have been pretty mild but certainly this week’s blast of icy cold air and snow reminds us that Mother Nature guarantees nothing when it comes to the weather in the Finger Lakes.

Geese Swimming in Canandaigua Lake

In Canandaigua, the Gazebo in Kershaw Park has been decorated for Christmas and the geese were happily taking their afternoon swim in the lake, probably planning on taking a little trip south if things get too bad weather wise. No one was in the park and even the usual dog walkers were absent from the scene. The weather wasn’t conductive to picture taking as there were periods of snow squalls which blotted out the sun. But finally the sun broke through the clouds and saved the day.

Late Afternoon Sun in December

Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be without snow and cold weather? So throw another log on the fire and grab a nice glass of Finger Lakes wine, this is the season that we all have been waiting for!

James R. Bupp

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