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Thanksgiving Festivities in Venetia Pennsylvania

Jeff and Susan in Their Back Yard

We celebrated our Thanksgiving with Susan and Jeff, Jeanette’s daughter and son in law who live in Venetia Pa. Their special way of celebrating Thanksgiving is not unlike that of the original Thanksgiving celebration hosted by the Pilgrims – a big outside party where all of the neighbors came and participated in the festivities.

Warm Thanksgiving Greetings to Each Family

Each family is invited to bring their Thanksgiving turkey which is to be fried in hot oil and also to bring their favorite hors d’oeuvre, some snacks, and their favorite beverage to be shared by all. After their turkey is cooked, the family then takes the cooked turkey home to share with their friends at their own sit down Thanksgiving dinner.

The Beverage Tent

Even though the weather was bit chilly and a slight drizzle greeted the first few families before noon, everyone’s spirits remained high. And a great deal of chicken wings, French fried potatoes, corn chowder, meatballs, and beverages of all kinds were consumed by all.

James R. Bupp

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