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Autumn’s Chill Arrives in the Finger Lakes

This year’s abundant corn crop in the Finger Lakes has already turned brown and is ready for shelling in the field. The farmers and their combines are busy in the Finger Lakes. The shelled corn is then taken to a large metal bin dryer which reduces the moisture content so the grain won’t spoil.

 Finger Lakes Corn Field, Gorham NY

Last month, the dairy farmers filled their silos and bunkers with chopped corn to feed their hungry cows over the long winter months. The chopped corn supplies the roughage needed by the dairy cows to produce milk.

Partially Harvested Corn Field, Gorham NY

The sun keeps darting in and out behind the rather thick moisture laden clouds of autumn, keeping the ground damp. Winter wheat has already been planted, but there are cover crops to be sown which will keep the soil from eroding over the winter months.

A Field in Gorham, NY Ready For Planting

The race with Mother Nature is on in the Finger Lakes. Everyone on family farms, market farms, and dairy farms is working at full speed to safely bring the crops into the barns, granaries, canneries, and roadside markets before the first snow of the season. It’s a race that cannot be lost as there won’t be another chance till next year!

James R. Bupp

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