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Family Farms in Gastonia, NC

In the Mountains of West Virginia

My September travels took me to Wooster, Ohio and then to Gastonia, NC where my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren live. I traveled on route 77 which meanders through the West Virginia and Virginia mountains. The mountains are beautiful in the summer. I was only able to glance at the gold dome of the State Capital building in Galveston, West Virginia as I drove by as time did not permit any sightseeing.

Michele and Cody

I arrived in Gastonia and immediately unpacked a couple of children’s Adirondack chairs which were hand made by one of my neighbors, the Bentleys. My daughter Michele and grandson Cody tried them out

Angel their dog remembers me. She loves to have lots of attention and considers herself a part of the family. Little Zack is a non-stop two and half year old who thinks the world is his oyster!

Zack and Cody

The boys are growing like weeds as Cody is already in kindergarten this year. I think about my daughter and her family in Gastonia, NC often. It’s too bad that we live so far apart. I consider them a part of the “Bupp Family Farms”, and I am grateful that they have started their own family farm which will create some new family traditions of its own. It’s a family harvest which is man’s most precious gift!

James R. Bupp

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