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September in the Finger Lakes

September is calling in the Finger Lakes. It speaks in the golden brilliance of a sunrise which chases away the dark night’s clouds. The dewy coolness of the morning begs me to stay in bed just a few more minutes before it’s time to start my day.

September Sunrise Over Deep Run

The sun now makes its appearance later in the morning, chasing away all of the dew on the grass. By noon, all thoughts of the approaching fall have been driven from our minds. With the sun high overhead, we forget about the cool morning and our first cup of hot coffee. It becomes summer once more and our thoughts return to recent summer’s activities in the Finger Lakes; travels to a favorite vacation spot, a visit to distant family members, or an afternoon spent along one of the Finger Lakes.

Judge Ben Wiles Boat at Skaneateles Lake

But by late afternoon, the reality of the season starts to set in as the sun seems to be trying to make a hurried departure. Wait, you provider of light and warmth, we want you to stay around a little while longer like you did during the summer! But to no avail; it’s time to look in the closet for my old faithful sweatshirt!

Sundown Over the Boathouse at Canandaigua

James R. Bupp

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