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The Peak of Summer in the Finger Lakes

It’s hard to believe but summer is nearing its end in the Finger Lakes. The flowers that Susan gave Jeanette for her birthday at the end of April are making one final magnificent effort to bloom before the days turn shorter and grow darker.

An Assortment of Flowers

The Canandaigua Lady has finally made her appearance on Canandaigua Lake a couple of weeks ago after spending most of the summer in repair. Unfortunately, the crowds of vacationers along Kershaw Park will soon be gone for the season, and the beach area will be closed.

The Canandaigua Lady

The “Ring of Fire” which is celebrated here in Canandaigua the Saturday before Labor Day (Sept. 4) also signals the end of summer. Its tradition goes back to the days of the Seneca Indians and the start of the harvest season. But now it’s a signal to the Lake Dwellers that vacation time is over, schools are ready to open, and the same old problems wait back at the office. Summer 2010 was an excellent one in the Finger Lakes and it is going to be fondly remembered by all of us Finger Lakes Dwellers.

Kershaw Park

James R. Bupp

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