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Not In My Finger Lakes Backyard

New Transformers At Deep Run

One weekend about a month ago when we had such hot weather and high humidity, we remained nice and cool in our air conditioned home. But, about 400 nearby residents did not fare as well as they suffered a “brownout” and could not get enough electricity for their homes. They called our local electric supplier, NYSEG, and all that they were able to find out from a recording was that all was well. This went on for about four days and after a lot of frustration on the part of the home owners who couldn’t get enough electric power, the electric crews came and put up a new sub-station with three transformers supported by two poles and a cross piece just across the road from Deep Run Park along Route 364 in Canandaigua.

Wind Turbine At Cohocton, NY

Of course, the home owners who live here in the Deep Run Development are upset because the new substation takes away from their view of Canandaigua Lake. We are asked to make choices (or have the choices made for us) which benefit some folks but cause others distress. Another good example is the wind farm which has been erected just to the south of Canandaigua near Cohocton, NY. The electricity generated there is essential for powering Finger Lakes homes, schools, dairy farms, family farms, and reducing man’s carbon footprint on the land, but the turbines do take away from the natural beauty of the Bristol Hills in the Finger Lakes. It’s all a part of living together on one finite sized planet called earth, populated by too many people who want the good life – a big house in pleasant surroundings, an SUV, and low taxes.

James R. Bupp

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