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The Dog Days of Summer in the Finger Lakes

Cooling Off at Deep Run Park

It’s been a hot humid day here in the Finger Lakes. As I return from my evening motorcycle ride, the sun is just beginning its final descent behind the Bristol Hills. The park at Deep Run has been busy this year. The few swimmers that are left are taking their last cooling dip in the water of Canandaigua Lake before the park closes.

Sundown Over Canandaigua Lake

And with the descent of the sun, a calm descends upon the Finger Lakes as its inhabitants prepare to rest from another hot humid summer day. My energy and ambition never seem to return on these humid summer days. I guess that’s why August days are known as the “dog days of summer.” Soon schools will be returning to session and clearer, cooler nights will prevail. In the meantime, don’t fight the weather and take some time off to enjoy summer in the Finger Lakes.

James R. Bupp

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