Kids, Dogs, Boats, and Water in Gananoque, Ontario Canada

Kayak Lessions in Gananoque

Late one afternoon while we were in Gananoque Canada, we watched while some children were given a lesson on how to properly paddle a kayak. They took to the water as easily as a new duckling takes to the water on its first swim. I had to smile as a “two-man” kayak passed by with a German shepherd sitting on one of the seats. He seemed pleased with his boat ride and why not – he didn’t have to paddle!

Kayaking with the Dog in Gananoque

Later, we watched some children going for a swim in the St. Lawrence River at the Joel Stone Heritage Park. It was a warm evening and they loved jumping off the raft which was anchored out in a few feet of water. It took me back to my youth when we used to go swimming in the local creeks, but I am thinking that the waters of the St. Lawrence River are much cleaner today than the creeks that I used to swim in!

Swimming in the St. Lawrence River

Boating is enjoyed by many folks who live, work, and vacation in the 1000 Island area. But the adults’ toys are bigger, more expensive, and for the most part, I would have to wager a guess that the kids and the dogs were having a lot more fun cooling off in waters of the St. Lawrence River.

James R. Bupp

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