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The Calm after a Finger Lakes Storm

Recently we had a day of heavy rains here in the Canandaigua which tested the capacity of all of the drainage ditches and culverts. Here in Deep Run, the retention pond was almost filled to capacity and doing what a retention pond is supposed to do – retain the heavy runoff and only allow a small amount of water to flow into Canandaigua Lake.

Sunset Over Deep Run Park

That evening the dark storm clouds were still hanging low in the western sky, but at sunset, we were treated to a magnificent Finger Lakes sunset! The moisture in those thick dark clouds refracted the light of the setting sun so that we saw only the deep red colors of the spectrum.

Storms seem to serve a special purpose. They bring anxiety, tension, and sometimes destruction, but after the storm, there seems to be a peaceful calm and a clearing of the air as a new weather front moves in. And after the storm has passed, we humans seem to be renewed too!

James R. Bupp

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