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How is Your Garden Doing in the Finger Lakes

Nancy, my sister-in-law out in California recently asked me how my garden was doing in the Finger Lakes. My brother Sylvan raises a huge garden in Modesto, California and because of the climate there, he can start planting in February.

I’ve been struggling this year trying to take care of two gardens. The one here at my home is my vegetable and flower garden and it’s doing quite well. We have had plenty of rain and nice warm sunshine this year. We are enjoying lettuce, onions, radishes, zucchini, and summer squash from this garden. The potatoes are in bloom. So are the tomatoes.

Geraniums at Chapin Methodish Church

My other garden is quite different. I mow the lawn at the church where I attend and also plant some geraniums there to try to brighten up the neglected exterior of our little country church. I’m hoping that if the outside of our church is a little more attractive, perhaps others will notice and they will come to learn about what is being taught inside the church. My sister-in-law Nancy would understand. She and some of the neighborhood school children in Modesto worked on planting a garden near the school where she teaches. We both hope that our efforts will help people learn about the benefits of community work and the joy that it brings to all.

James R. Bupp

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