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A Finger Lakes Vacation in Ithaca, NY

It was a lovely day on July fifth and after having rested up from all of the Fourth of July festivities, we decided to drive to Ithaca, a small village located on Cayuga Lake which is the second largest of the Finger Lakes. Our friends Jim and Marie have a boat at The Allen Treman State Marine Park in Ithaca which is beside the old Eire Barge Canal. It’s a wonderful spot for a Finger Lakes vacation.

All Aboard the Summer Daze

We arrived late in the afternoon and they graciously consented to take us aboard their boat, Summer Daze, and then on a little lake cruise. It was a beautiful evening and most of the Fourth of July celebrators had already left for home. After a brief cruise, we ended up at the Boathouse Restaurant on Lookout Point.

The Boathouse Restaurant, Ithaca, NY

I guess it has been one of my fantasies to be able to dock your boat alongside a restaurant just like you would park your car, have dinner, and then depart in the boat. We had a lovely dinner outside on the patio while enjoying a beautiful summer evening in the company of our friends. We reminisced about the days gone by and made a few plans for the future. A summer dream had just come true!

Summer Daze, Ithaca, NY

James R. Bupp

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