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It’s Strawberry Picking Time in the Finger Lakes

Strawberries at Tomion's

That’s what I have been waiting for – strawberry picking time in the Finger Lakes! None of those big berries from California that look like a strawberry, have hollow centers, and then you need to close your eyes and imagine that you are eating a strawberry. No, I am talking about plump juicy sweet red delicious strawberries that are grown locally.

Tomion's Farm Market

There are many market farms in the Finger Lakes which grow strawberries, but my favorite one is Tomion’s Farm Market over on route 14A near Penn Yan. And the strawberries are now ripe and in season. You can pick your own for only $1.65 per quart! Or if you are like me and are a bit lazy, you can buy them for $3.50 per quart already picked.

Tomion's Farm Market

Tomion’s Farm Market features a lot of other fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables when in season. I usually pick up a big bag of red potatoes when I go there. Today was no exception as I picked up 20 pounds of red potatoes, some onion sets for my garden, and a cup of coffee for myself!

James R. Bupp

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