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Of Money and Manure in the Finger Lakes

Lillies in the Garden

What does money and manure have in common? Both are no good unless you spread them around! And that’s what I did with my pile of organic compost yesterday. The potatoes are now nicely hilled with rich organic compost and my tomato plants are top dressed with a thick layer of the compost. The compost helps to hold the moisture in the ground as well as providing nourishment to the plants.

Potatoes Hilled with Compost

June is really busting out all over and in just a few days the sun will be at its zenith for the year and the days will begin to grow shorter! Now that’s a sobering thought but fortunately the descent of the sun is very slow at first and we will have all summer to enjoy the warmth that it gives to the earth.

 Onion Patch

We’ve enjoyed the first of our vegetables – some lettuce and a few radishes for our dinner salad last night. The summer squash plants are now in bloom and soon we will have some squash for our dinner vegetable. The family harvest has just begun.

James R. Bupp

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