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Garage Sales in the Finger Lakes

Just as soon as the weather clears in the spring, out come the signs and tables on the lawn announcing a garage sale. They are quite popular here in the Finger Lakes. They give one an incentive to the clean out your garage and basement of all of those unneeded items that have accumulated over the years.

Kids and Dogs

The Chapin Church in Canandaigua recently held its annual garage sale. Garage sales are a lot of work and due to the dwindling numbers of church members, we decided to hold a trunk sale and just sell the space where you can come and park your car or truck on the church’s property to sell your favorite treasurers that you no longer need.

Red Hot or White Hot?

It’s a good way to meet neighbors and friends. We sold some hot dogs, soda, and bottled water, and in general just enjoyed spending time outdoors together.

James R. Bupp

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