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Presque Isle at Erie, Pennsylvania

Presque Isle As Seen from the Erie Land Lighthouse

Presque Isle by Native Legend is called “The Sheltering Arm of the Great Spirit.” According to the legend, this beautiful sand bar was formed by the right arm of Manitou, The Great Spirit of the Erie’s, as a shelter and harbor for the Great Spirit’s favorite children, the Erie Tribe.

Presque Isle Beaches and Man Made Barrier Reef

For everyone today, it’s a beautiful place to visit and to enjoy its ever changing natural beauty. The Presque Isle beaches are protected from the constant winds and waves of the waters of Lake Erie by man-made barrier reefs. Just as in the Native Legend, people come out here in the evening to enjoy watching the sun slowly sink into Lake Erie.

Lighthouse on Presque Isle

But sailors and beach-goers beware; the Spirits of the Lake can still cause great storms, and there are more sunken ships off Presque Isle than there are in the Bermuda Triangle!

James R. Bupp

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