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Mother’s Day in the Finger Lakes

Chapin Methodist Church

The old church that I attend dates back to 1853. The Chapin Methodist Church was built here in the Finger Lakes before the days of the Civil War. The paint on the Chapin Church is peeling, the stained glass windows hang precariously in their leaded frames, and even the foundation cement which was hand-mixed is crumbling from the passage of time.

But what is more important to me than the old building is what is taught there – teachings which date back to before the birth of Jesus Christ. Everyone seems to be too busy today to pay any attention to the fundamental rules which were given to us by Moses (read Exodus Chapter 20), but most folks today be cry what is happening in our society and how the minds of our children have been taken captive by the television, internet, and the entertainment industry.

New Beginnings at the Chapin Church

On this Mother’s Day, I think that we need to remember not only what our Mothers taught us, but to go back and review the fundamentals of living which were given to us. And just as my Mother had to do with me, it’s a lesson that must be repeated over and over again!

James R. Bupp

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