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Sampling Spring in the Finger Lakes

I visited the Southern Tier of the Finger Lakes recently on a business trip. My travels took me on a path that I have traveled many many times but never tire of. And on this trip, I see glimpses of Canandaigua Lake, Seneca Lake, and Cayuga Lake. I travel through Geneva, and then head south on route 96 to Ovid, Interlaken, Trumansburg, Jacksonville, Ithaca, Danby, Candor, and Owego. My journey ends near Apalachin which is a little town along the mighty Susquehanna River.

These towns house my friends, the hills and the gentle farm lands are a healing ointment which sooths my soul, and the waters of the Finger Lakes make up most of the blood that runs in my veins. So come with me as I take a little extra time on the way back home to Canandaigua to sample and savor spring in the Finger Lakes:

Hillside Near Candor

Lower Falls on Taughannock Creek

Taughhannock Falls at the Overlook

Farmland Near Ovid

Sunset Over Seneca Lake

James R. Bupp

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