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Family Farms in the Finger Lakes

Empire Tractor in Atlanta, NY

I attended Empire Tractor’s open house (click here) on April 1st in Atlanta, NY. I was there to sell my book, “The Last of the Family Farms.” I met the president of Empire Tractor Inc., Tim Call, who is from Batavia, NY and he bought a copy of my book for his father. I owe a great deal of thanks to Bill Harford of the Atlanta, NY dealership and his wife Michele for inviting me to their spring open house.

Selling Books at Empire Tractor

And it wasn’t only local people in the Finger Lakes who came to this event. There were farm folks that I met all the way from Batavia, NY to Camillus, NY. They came to learn about new farming equipment on the market, to discuss their common love of agriculture, and to promote agriculture across Upstate NY.

Lunch at Empire Tractor, Atlanta, NY

One thing hasn’t changed since I grew up on a family farm. Farm folks whether they live on family farms, dairy farms, market farms, vegetable farms, grain farms, cattle farms, or poultry farms, still love to eat! Empire Tractor in Atlanta served up a really nice lunch for everyone. My best wishes to all of the farm folks who are trying to make their living in agriculture. We should never forget just how dependent we are upon them!

James R. Bupp

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