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Deer Me What Happened To My Finger Lakes Tulips?

Tulips at Deeprun

Spring is here and on Saturday morning we had a cool 17 degrees. It was downright cold as our normal low temperature is supposed to be 29 degrees. I checked out my tulips and saw that they were visited by a deer when we were on vacation. Last year the deer left them alone, but this year I am not so lucky. I will have to get busy and buy some deer netting to keep them covered.

Deeprun Pond

The pond had a thin skim of ice on the surface. The water looks a bit riled from all of the rain that we have been having. Deer tracks are everywhere. They come to the pond for a drink of water. Soon there will be some ducks that come to nest in the weeds along the edge of the water and when the water temperature warms up, the sunfish will begin to spawn.

Bridge Over Deeprun Pond

Even with this temporary chill, I’m anxious to start working in my garden here in the Finger Lakes. Spring in the Finger Lakes is a time for delight, to make plans, and to enjoy!

James R. Bupp

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