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Celebrating Spring on the Bayou

Spring Bayou, Tarpon Springs Florida

While spring has not yet officially arrived in the Finger Lakes, Jeanette and I have “jumped the gun” and traveled to warmer temperatures in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Our first stop in Tarpon Springs was at the Spring Bayou to look for the manatees. These leftover pre-historic creatures are vegetation feeders and come into the Spring Bayou to lounge in the warm spring waters of the Bayou and to feed on the lush vegetation found here.

Manatees in the Spring Bayou

We were not disappointed as we saw three swimming in the Spring Bayou this morning but about all you can see is their “footprint” as they barely break water to catch their breath before fully submerging again to feed on the bottom vegetation. They look more like floating logs from our vantage point.

Spring Bayou, Tarpon Springs Florida

We completed our walk at the Spring Bayou and headed to Sponge Docks. “See the sponges when they first come up” calls out the barker for one of the sponge diving cruise boats. It’s music to our ears!

James R. Bupp

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