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Soak’n Up the Sun’s Rays in the Finger Lakes

It was one of those late fall week days when most humans were at work but the sun shone brightly against a clear blue sky. Soon the remaining boats at City Pier in Canandaigua will be shrink-wrapped and put away for the winter. It truly was one of those days that were made for the…read more

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Fall Flowers in the Finger Lakes

The precious fall rains that began in the parched Finger Lakes Region several weeks ago have refreshed our lawns and flowers. It’s that time of the year when most plants and flowers are winding down their blooming season but here in the Finger Lakes, chrysanthemums or just plain mums take center stage.One of my mums…read more

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Hints of Autumn in the Finger Lakes

No one wants to admit that autumn is here in the Finger Lakes. Some of the year around dwellers of this beautiful region is having trouble coming to grips with this “last dance” of Mother Nature as she prepares the fields and the forests for the coming cold season. I was at the local garage…read more

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From the Top of Bully Hill

We usually wait till the end of September before we make a trip to Hammondsport, NY and then drive up the hill to the Bully Hill Winery (click here) to look at the fall foliage. But Saturday was such a beautiful clear day that we decided to see how the vineyards are doing and how…read more

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An Old Fashioned Summer

Summertime evokes images in each of us of a special time of the year when our usual cares are set aside and we can take off our shoes to run in the grass, go swimming in the lake, or perhaps listen to the local band play a little music while we sit on the lawn…read more

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City Pier, Canandaigua, NY

The City Pier at Canandaigua is a throwback to the days of the steam engine which was used as the method of propulsion for trains and steamboats in that era.  In those days, a favorite weekend pastime was to take the train to City Pier and then board a steam boat for a weekend sightseeing…read more

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