Grape vines
Cherry Blossoms

Where Are the Summer People?

It had been cloudy all day. One of those days that just didn’t inspire me to start working on any of my spring projects. After dinner the sun started to break through the clouds and I grabbed my camera and took at ride along East Lake Road which runs beside Canandaigua Lake towards Vine Valley.…read more

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Hammondsport, NY is Now Open for the Season

The sleepy little village of Hammondsport, NY (population 731 as of the year 2000 census) has just awoken from its long winter sleep and is now ready for the 2017 tourist season. I called the Village Tavern Restaurant on Saturday and asked if they were open and the person on the other end of the…read more

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What Does Easter Have To Do With Easter Flowers?

When Jeanette and I returned from Florida, it was a cold evening with the temperature at the Rochester airport of 26 degrees. We missed the big snow storm of the previous week and all of our friends in Binghamton who suffered through 35 inches of snow urged us to stay in Florida for another week.…read more

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Cayuga Lake at Aurora, NY

When one enters the village of Aurora, NY from the north, you get the feeling that you are in some kind of time warp. And indeed that’s just what happened to you as there is a marker in back of the Post Office which points to the first steam powered flouring mill built west of…read more

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Why Are the Geese So Happy?

I took at short walk on the City Pier in Canandaigua, NY late one afternoon last week. The temperature was 23 degrees but the winds were calm. There was a great gathering of Canadian geese on the north end of Canandaigua Lake. Some were happily swimming in the open water; others were sleeping on the…read more

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The January Thaw in the Finger Lakes

Almost every year in January in the Finger Lakes, Old Man Winter takes a break and allows some warming temperatures to return which melt some of the snow base and ice that have formed on the ground and on the waters of the Finger Lakes. But this year seems to be an exception as Old…read more

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