Cruise Boat

View from the Docks

The Beach

An Old Fashioned Summer

Summertime evokes images in each of us of a special time of the year when our usual cares are set aside and we can take off our shoes to run in the grass, go swimming in the lake, or perhaps listen to the local band play a little music while we sit on the lawn…read more

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City Pier, Canandaigua, NY

The City Pier at Canandaigua is a throwback to the days of the steam engine which was used as the method of propulsion for trains and steamboats in that era.  In those days, a favorite weekend pastime was to take the train to City Pier and then board a steam boat for a weekend sightseeing…read more

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Taking Time for Lunch in the Finger Lakes

Since we are both retired, there is plenty of time to have a leisure lunch along the shores of one of the Finger Lakes. We drove to Seneca Falls and had our lunch along Cayuga Lake at Wolffy’s Bar and Grill ( yesterday. They have a great deck for sitting outside when the weather permits…read more

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It’s Tough to be a Father

I would think that the image left on the minds of children of the new millennium regarding the role that their father’s play in our society would be a real eye opener to those of us who were born during or shortly after the end of the Second World War.  The television, the internet, and…read more

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Planting Time in the Finger Lakes

From the time you turn into the driveway of Tomion’s Farm Market in Penn Yan, NY (click here), you know that it is planting time in the Finger Lakes. It’s like looking through a kaleidoscope. Winter’s field colors are now gone, replaced with different shades of green, brown and then dotted by the yellows of…read more

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The First Breath of Summer Comes to the Finger Lakes

It was the first breath of summer that we have had in the Finger Lakes this year. It was a day made to just sit in a park and look at sun bouncing off the surface of the lake. Or perhaps it was a day to take your dog for a walk or to take…read more

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